We build software to solve problems. This is how we can help you.

Training & Mentoring

Give your the team the skills they need to succeed. We have a wide range of training and mentoring options for Scala and related technologies.

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We offer a full range of consulting services covering architecture and code reviews, feasibility studies, and more.

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Team Augmentation

If your project needs some extra developers we can help out. Our team members will seamlessly fit into your existing team, boosting productivity.

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Training and Mentoring

Our training and mentoring services are a time and cost effective way to make your team more productive.

Our training focuses on Scala and related technologies. We’ve spent a decade refining our processes and made some of our material available in three books (Scala with Cats, Essential Scala, and Creative Scala) that cover Scala from beginner programmers to advanced practitioners.

We offer the following training courses:

  • Essential Scala, for experienced developers who need to quickly become productive in Scala;
  • Advanced Scala, for developers with some Scala experience who are ready to take the next step;
  • Essential Spark, for data scientists who need to quickly get up to speed with Spark;
  • custom courses that are completely tailored to your team’s needs.

Training can be delivered on-site or remotely.

Mentoring involves one-to-one time between your team members and our experienced developers. The developer and mentor work together to round out their general programming knowledge, where necessary, and discuss work challenges and possible solutions. Mentoring is a great follow-on to training as it shows how to transfer knowledge from the classroom to production code. It frees up time for your senior developers, and it makes your juniors more productive.


Consulting is a great way to solve a problem for which you don’t have the expertise or capacity in-house. Ways we can help include:

  • Developing a proof of concept. If you’re modernising a legacy application and want to start with best practices in place this is a great route to take. If you have a tricky piece of functionality we can also help by developing it for you and then handing it over to your existing team.

  • Code reviews are a great way to improve your existing code base and bring in best practices. The offer targeted, specific advice and a timely turn around.

  • Architecture reviews take a broader look than code reviews and can help with reducing complexity and improving performance in your systems.

Team Augmentation

If your team simply lacks capacity to deliver as quickly as needed we can augment your team with our developers. We’ll slot right into your existing team, or work alongside your team as a new team. We work on short-term or long-term projects, onsite or remote. We’ve seen and done it all.

When you hire us you don’t just get extra developers, you get all the benefit our experience and knowledge. You can expect our developers to proactively address problems where they see them, whether that is mentoring other developers or working on continuous deployment.