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Inner Product brings functional programming to the enterprise to produce more reliable software in less time.

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Software Development

Build the next generation of software your business needs. We build software that works, no matter the complexity or scale. We understand where computer science meets industry and can solve your hardest problems in a time efficient manner. We can take on complete projects in-house, or augment your existing team to help you move faster.

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We've spent a decade refining processes for teaching and mentoring. Let us take your team to the next level with onsite or online training and mentoring. Make your junior developers more productive without tying up more experienced staff, or help your senior staff take the next leap.

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Get targeted advice to solve key problems. If you have a project that needs expert oversight, or a core technical decision that needs de-risking, we can assist. We can advise on architecture and process, and have deep knowledge in areas of programming and machine learning.

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Functional Programming is Based

A few functional programming principles give a systematic and repeatable process for developing code. In this post I show this process using a simple example of summing the elements of a list.

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A Case Study in Incrementally Improving Code

Through several easy refactorings we incrementally improve code quality and performance.

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