Custom engagements to solve high-impact problems.

Consulting engagements allow us to bring our deep expertise across software engineering, computer science, and machine learning to your project.

What We Can Do

We’re often brought in to help with problems that are a combination of software and process. For example, establishing better development practices may involve a combination reviewing existing application architecture, training in better software development techniques, adjustment of existing processes to increase efficiency, and introducing new tools and processes.

This is just an example of what we can do. Our core expertise lies in:

  • Software development, particularly Scala and functional programming;
  • Teaching and learning; and
  • Machine learning, particularly Bayesian methods and automated decision making

How Consulting Engagments Work

Each consulting engagement is unique. They vary from one day to ongoing engagements lasting many months. What is common to all consulting engagements is they allow you to draw on our expertise in a way that best suits your business Get in touch and we can discuss what works for you.