Web Services

Let us build the web services to power your online ambitions.

Web services come in many forms, from rapid proof-of-concepts for validating ideas to re-engineering enterprise scale systems to handle new use cases and growing load. We have deep experience across all aspects of web service development, which we will bring to your project to help make it a success.

Our Approach

We focus on three things when building web services:

  • Correctness, because if the service doesn’t do what it is supposed to do nothing else matters.
  • Performance, because your users don’t want to wait and you have ambitions to grow.
  • Usability, because a web service is a user interface and a well designed interface accelerates others that make use of it.

Our Toolbox

Scala is our tool of choice for building web services. Scala has many advantages. Scala’s expressive type system makes many error cases impossible, while it’s large ecosystem brings fast development. Running on the JVM brings the benefits of decades of engineering effort put into JIT compilation, garbage collection, and monitoring tools. Compiling to native code or Javascript is beneficial for serverless applications and other situations where startup time and memory consumption is a concern.