Accelerate the development of your team.

Mentoring is the ideal follow-on to training, helping transfer lessons into practice and build the tacit knowledge needed for deep expertise.

How Mentoring Works

Mentoring involves one-to-one sessions with our experts and your team members. In the first session the mentor will create a development plan along with the developer, which determines goals going forward. In the following sessions the mentor and developer discuss the tasks the developer is working on, and will them collaboratively develop approaches to solving the tasks that produce high quality code and progress along the development plan. Regular reports ensure that management has oversight of the mentoring process.

Benefits of Mentoring

Mentoring makes your team more productive. The focused one-to-one feedback that mentoring allows accelerates the path from junior to senior, and senior to team lead.

The longer time horizon of mentoring, compared to training, gives time to get deeper into topics that are only touched on in training. There are two main areas where mentoring excels over training: software development processes, and tacit knowledge. Learning good development processes are most important for new developers or those moving to a new technology stack. Tacit knowledge is knowledge that is difficult to formalize and best taught by demonstration. Tacit knowledge is what separates experts from others.